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Social Research. Reimagined.

At Decodis, we listen to vulnerable people who want to talk about their lives and who have opinions about the institutions that serve them. We’ve found that if you give them the space to talk – in their own language and dialect – they will tell you exactly what they think. We also decode information in their voices to unearth the emotions behind their words, to increase our understanding of their words.


Learn more about how we are using our tech-led research methods to help organizations do better social programming, policymaking, social impact measurement and other works for social good.

Our work across the world


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“This is applied research at its best. Decodis uncovered incredible insights about our employees and their financial health – things we would not have imagined.”

Ivy Lau
Global Public Policy and Research Lead Manager

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“Any organization that claims to be ‘impact first’ can benefit from Decodis' work. They revealed truths to us about our client we had no idea about. It’s changed how we work.”

Sachi Shenoy
Founder and Chief Impact Officer 

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“Decodis is revolutionizing the way social research happens with fast, reliable, and cost-efficient results. Welcome to the future of evaluation!”

Tatiana Rincón
Vice President
Gender, Social Protection and Livelihoods

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Our clients

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