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Consumer risks of Indian digital lending apps 

We used NLP to analyze over 75,000 Twitter and Google Pay Reviews to detect early warning signals of crisis in India and to detect writers who could be considered vulnerable.


Digital Data Philosophies

We investigated how low-income people in the U.S. and India - with a focus on women - viewed data privacy and other digital philosophies.


Employee Financial Wellness Diaries

We interviewed PayPal call center employees in the U.S. for a year, understanding their journeys to financial wellness and what a difference PayPal’s Financial Wellness Program has made to them.


Digitalization Journeys of Small Businesses

We created an automated "Diaries Lite" to conduct interviews with small business owners and to track their journeys of digitization in Mexico, Colombia and Peru.


Measuring Changes in Gender Norms

We used a WhatsApp data collection tool to ask open-ended questions of women in Paraguay and Colombia about their gender norm opinions, analyzing the data with NLP and sociolinguistics.

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Impact of COVID on Low-Income Population: A Qualitative Experiment

We analyzed 1,000 qualitative responses from low-income respondents in Bangladesh as part of the fourth round of panel data on the impact of COVID by Brac Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD)


Understanding Experiences of Low-Income Women in Their First Job

We used discourse analysis to understand the experiences of young, low-literacy women in their first jobs in a textile factory in India.

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Financial Resilience in the Beginning of COVID

We created a low-cost, remote Diaries-lite interview method to understand the experiences of low-income Americans through the first few months of COVID.


Understanding Youth Hustling Work

We explored ways of understanding fine-grained details about gig and hustle work of youth in South Africa.


Using NLP to analyze social media

Eric Duflos, Daryl Collins, Jayshree Venkatesan and Juan Carlos Izaguirre 

Analyzing Social Media to Spot Digital Consumer Credit Risks in India 

Published on CGAP website

Gender and data philosophies

Daryl Collins, Derry Moore

Gender and Digital Worldviews: Divergent User Perspectives On Data Collection and Use

Published as a Center for Financial Inclusion blog

Daryl Collins, Carolina de Miranda, Laura Morínigo

Research that Embraces the Messiness of Real Life: How an Innovative, Tech-Enabled Survey Method is Revealing the True Feelings of the Bottom Billion

Published in Next Billion with Fundación Capital

Reframing the digitization of small business

Daryl Collins, Amina Tirana

Empowering Participation in Commerce: New Strategies for Digitization of Micro and Small Businesses

Published on Visa website 

Implementation of CARES act in the early pandemic

Melissa Gopnik, Daryl Collins

A Tsunami of Volatility:
The Impact of the Design and Implementation of CARES Act Supplemental Unemployment Benefits on Lower-Income Households

Published on Commonwealth website 

Financial resilience through emergency savings

Melissa Gopnik, Daryl Collins

Emergency Savings:
A Life Jacket in Rough Sea

Published on Commonwealth website 

Household finances in the early pandemic

Melissa Gopnik, Daryl Collins

Financial Coping Strategies:
How Households Are Staying Afloat During COVID-19

Published on Commonwealth website 

Role of Institutions during COVID-19

Melissa Gopnik, Daryl Collins

A Lighthouse in the Storm:
The Role of Institutions During COVID-19

Published on Commonwealth website 

Resilience in the first year of the pandemic

Melissa Gopnik, Daryl Collins


Conquering the Storm with Resilience: 
Key Success Factors

Published on Commonwealth website 

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