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April 12, 2024

Digitally Empowering Small Businesses

Daryl Collins (Decodis), Maria Pia Torres (Decodis), Juan Navarrete (Fundación Capital) and Luz Gomez (Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth)

Finequity Blog

February 29, 2024

How Do Financial Systems Support Climate Resilience?

Wendy Chamberlin, Daryl Collins, Graham Wright, Peter Zetterli


February 20, 2024

Adapting to or Just Muddling Through Climate Change?

Wendy Chamberlin, Daryl Collins, Graham Wright, Peter Zetterli


February 20, 2024

Understanding Customers in Environments of Severe Climate-Related Weather Events. Findings from Nigeria and Bangladesh.

Decodis, MicroSave Consulting (MSC)

FinDev Gateway

February 13, 2024

Facing Climate Events in Nigeria, Farmers Left With Scarce Options

Wendy Chamberlin, Daryl Collins, Graham Wright, Peter Zetterli


September 28, 2023

Using AI to Transform Impact Measurement: Overcoming Language Barriers in Global Development Research

Daryl Collins, Pravarakya Reddy Battula

Next Billion

July 11, 2023

Social Media Monitoring to Assess Consumer Risks in Digital Credit Apps: Guidance for Supervisors from an India Pilot

Eric Duflos, Juan Carlos Izaguirre, Leena Datwani (CGAP), Abhishek Mishra (RBIH), Daryl Collins, Pravarakya Reddy Bathula, Leona Mathias, Danashri Sawant (Decodis)


June 6, 2023

The ‘S’ in ESG could change the world. We just don’t know how to measure it

Daryl Collins

Fortune Magazine

March 27, 2023

Sentiment of Bangladeshi Residents Toward Covid-19 Lockdowns: Qualitative Analyses of Open-Ended Responses in a Large Panel Survey

Daryl Collins, Derry Moore, Pravarakya Reddy Battula, Avinno Faruk

BRAC Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD), BRAC University

March 27, 2023

Tech-led listening: How we learned to listen for evidence of changing gender norms

Daryl Collins, Derry Moore, Pravarakya Reddy, and Marcia Almeida-Mendes

Leir Institute

March 22, 2023

PayPal Employee Financial Diaries

PayPal, Decodis


January 19, 2023

We Asked Small Business Owners How Digitalization is Impacting Their Businesses: Here’s How They Responded

Daryl Collins, Maria Pia Torres

Next Billion

November 22, 2022

Measuring the Impact of CSR & Impact Programs ft. Dr. Daryl Collins

Amanda Hsieh, Daryl Collins

ESG Decoded Podcast

October 22, 2022

Social Impact Tech: Dr. Daryl Collins of Decodis On How Their Technology Will Make An Important Positive Impact

Jilea Hemmings, Daryl Collins


October 21, 2022

How to measure the S in ESG

Daryl Collins


March 18, 2022

Thanks for asking: Evaluating the transformation of gender norms in Paraguay and Colombia

Daryl Collins, Marcia Almeida-Mendes

Medium Magazine

November 15, 2021

How Low- to Middle-Income Internet Users View Data Privacy and Protection: New Research From India and the United States

Daryl Collins

Next Billion

September 16, 2021

Analyzing Social Media to Spot Digital Consumer Credit Risks in India

Eric Duflos, Daryl Collins, Jayshree Venkatesan and Juan Carlos Izaguirre


July 27, 2021

Empowering Participation in Commerce: New Strategies for Digitization of Micro and Small Businesses

Daryl Collins, Amina Tirana


July 21, 2021

Gender and Digital Worldviews: Divergent User Perspectives On Data Collection and Use

Daryl Collins, Derry Moore

Center for Financial Inclusion

July 20, 2021

Research that Embraces the Messiness of Real Life: How an Innovative, Tech-Enabled Survey Method is Revealing the True Feelings of the Bottom Billion

Daryl Collins, Carolina de Miranda, Laura Morínigo

Next Billion, Fundación Capital

November 5, 2020

A Lighthouse in the Storm: The Role of Institutions During COVID-19

Daryl Collins, Antonia Agbeh

Commonwealth Website

September 23, 2020

Financial Coping Strategies: How Households Are Staying Afloat During COVID-19

Melissa Gopnik, Daryl Collins

Commonwealth Website

August 26, 2020

Emergency Savings: A Life Jacket in Rough Seas

Melissa Gopnik, Daryl Collins

Commonwealth Website

July 24, 2020

A Tsunami of Volatility: The Impact of the Design and Implementation of CARES Act Supplemental Unemployment Benefits on Lower-Income Households

Melissa Gopnik, Daryl Collins

Commonwealth Website

May 10, 2020

Measuring the Influence of Financial Services on Reaching the SDGs

Daryl Collins, Liz Larson


January 19, 2019

Conquering the Storm with Resilience: Key Success Factors

Melissa Gopnik, Daryl Collins

Commonwealth Website

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